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  • Per group
  • Round trip
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Plan Your Event

Durham Charter is a great fit for any type of event or group.

We can take your group just about anywhere you want to, from 10 passengers to hundreds.

Whether it is summer camps, field trips, sporting events or weddings, we are here to accommodate your needs and get you to your desired location!

Wedding Charter Bus Rentals

Other groups we have provided bus transportation for include:

  • Academic
  • Airport
  • Athletic Events
  • Amusement Parks
  • Business Retreats
  • Conventions
  • Corporations
  • Event Professionals
  • Federal and Local Government
  • Field Trips
  • Religious
  • Social Groups
  • Sports Teams
  • Tourism
  • US Armed Forces and National Guard


Event Transportation Solutions

We partner with you to ensure your charter bus travel experience runs smoothly. Using our planning, operational experience and expertise you can transport as little as ten or up to hundreds of people, economically and efficiently and compared to other modes of travel, charter buses are a safer, more reliable option.

Durham Charter also provides a number of additional benefits when planning an event; by renting a charter bus you don’t have to worry about people getting lost or trying to follow directions. Your group can spend their time relaxing and preparing for the event while we take care of the transportation. These are only some of the benefits of using a yellow bus charter.

To learn more about what Durham Charter can do for you, simply complete a charter quote request form.

Durham Charter services the continental United States.
The costs per hour listed here are for informational purposes, based on typical charter trips in different markets. Possible factors affecting the actual cost include, but are not limited to, event duration, travel distance, number of participants, geographic location, and cost of fuel.