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Do you have multiple locations across the country?

Are you tired of calling more than one transportation company for your bus charters? At Durham Charter, we have nearly
200 locations within the United States, so chances are we have a charter bus rental facility near you.
Using coach buses can cost you approximately 30% more than renting a school bus. Book your charter bus with Durham Charter directly to save money and stay within (or below) your budget.
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At Durham, providing excellent service to our customers is how we have built our reputation. When traveling with us, you will receive friendly, knowledgeable service. The charter bus specialists you speak with will ensure that planning and reserving your charter bus rental is as easy as a phone call.

Our experience in handling different points of pick up and drop off at multiple destinations takes the challenge out of your travel experience.
We work with you every step of the way to help you plan an efficient, yellow bus trip and charter rental.

Our number one goal is always to provide the safest transportation, because your safety is our biggest priority.

From short local trips to all-day and multi-day trips, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service. Providing excellent service to our customers is how we have built our reputation.

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Durham Charter services the continental United States.
The costs per hour listed here are for informational purposes, based on typical charter trips in different markets. Possible factors affecting the actual cost include, but are not limited to, event duration, travel distance, number of participants, geographic location, and cost of fuel.